Ergonomic bass carrier/ harness

The first ergonomic harness for drummers!

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Eric WARD Bleary & District of Northern Ireland
The harness is absolutely brilliant, the support and the playing position are excellent. I used the harness at the solos, I found the whole days experience less strenuous compared to other harnesses ...

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Gus Sicard
Gus SicardInveraray & District Pipe Band
Scottish snare drum is a very challenging instrument for the human body ...

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Yann-Fañch Le Merdy
Yann-Fañch Le MerdyBagad Quic-en-Groigne
The new PhysioDrum harness finally bring a solution to most of drummers' issues.
Josselin Dubois
Josselin DuboisBrieg Pipe band Drum sergeant / 2002 Open Breton Solo Champion
I've chosen the PhysioDrum harness for it's ergonomic benefits which allow the drummer for keep an ideal posture meanwhile the arm are free for playing, ... without any pain!

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Drummers, treat yourselves with a PhysioDrum harness!

Following the extensive research by an osteopath who is a drummer, PhysioDrum offers a new snare drum harness that brings Comfort and Performance.

PhysioDrum’s unique back-plate design results in an evenly distributed load across your body, reducing pathologies such as: tendonitis, back pain, and muscle spasms.

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Brand new!

Following some trials by 3 Breton Bagads  (Lann BihouéCap Caval et Quic en Grogne), PhysioDrum is excited to announce the arrival of its latest ergonomic bass harness.