The PhysioDrum harness is designed to be modeled on the body of the drummer creating the best possible gaming comfort. Therefore, it is important to set correctly the harness (see video below).

1. Unfold your harness and temporarily attach the tubes of the back plate and the front plate (Picture 1).

Dépliage du harnais et fixation des tubes des plaques arrière et avant

Picture 1

2. Separate the front part of the back part, sliding the tubes.

3. Place the back part on your back. Verify that the backplate is between the scapulae, the lower part of the backplate must be at the lower edge of the scapula. To do this, you can lower or raise the plate thanks to the holes on the straps (Picture 2).

Adaptation de la plaque dorsale

Picture 2

4. You can mold the straps to the shape of your shoulders. There are foldable (picture 3).

Adaptation des bretelles

Picture 3

5. Interlock the back part with the front part sliding the front tubes in the back tubes. Find the appropriate depth to place the ventral plate at the navel. Lock with clips (Picture 4).

Fixation des parties avant et arrière

Photo 4

6. To find the appropriate width, slide laterally the tubes and fix with the Allen wrench (Picture 5).

Adaptation de la largeur

Picture 5

7. The adjustment of the back plate is the most important element to get the best possible gaming comfort. The aim is to get good support from the plate of the back part in order to release the support on the straps. To do this, loosen the tubes (picture 6). Push the plate against the back in order that the lower part does not touch the back. You must be able to pass two phalanges between the plate and the back. It may be necessary to lean slightly forward to, once recovered, feel the support in the plate. Tighten the tubes in that position.

Adaptation de la plaque dorsale

Picture 6

8. Position the ventral plate with the desired inclination and tigthen the tubes.

9. Fine the inclination of the drum with the wheel (picture 7).

Réglage de l'inclinaison de la caisse

Picture 7

Checking of settings :

After positioning your drum :

– Your elbows should be at 20 ° below the horizontal

– The most important support is at the back plate and not on the shoulders

– The tubes should be as close to your body

– The straps must not hinder shoulders. If this is the case, two cases are possible :

  • The back plate is not sufficiently forwardly inclined.
  • The playing position is too bent forward. Indeed, after having played for years with a harness that tilts you forward, the drummer gets back this bad habit with PhysioDrum harness, and therefore supports against the straps. The playing position with PhysioDrum is an ideal position for musical performance with a “straight” body.