The  PhysioDrum harness is based on the experience of an osteopath who is also Drummer in a grade 1 band. His double expertise enabled him to build a rigid carrier which transfer efficiently the weight of the drum on the drummer’s body.

PhysioDrum is a build around a couple of plates (front & back) linked by customized pipes to allow an easy fit to all body sizes. The upper body is totally free; therefore, your shoulders & arms are more relaxed which translate into a better comfort when playing.

Adjusted for each drummer, the drum harness allows :

  • An ergonomic standing position without efforts
  • A freedom of the arms
  • A freedom of breath
  • A comfort when playing

Technical data & characteristics

The harness can be set up to suit your own body shape using different settings:

  • Adjustment of  height & depth of the support plates
  • Adjustment of the straps vertically & laterally
  • Folding straps made to suit your  shoulders shape
  • Adjustment of the drum inclination
Harnais PhysioDrum

PhysioDrum Drum Harness

S : < 1,65m M/L:  between 1,65m & 1,90m XL: > 1,90m or bigger frame

Weight :
2,4 Kg (in size M/L)

Materials :
aluminium, vario polymer, plastazote foam 3,3kg/m3

Technical datasheet:

Drum harness physiodrum

Price :
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