Following the success of our PhysioDrum drum harness, we have developped a bass harness using the same principles of weight repartition to ensure a good posture and comfort for the bass player.

The PhysioDrum bass harness is equipped of quick release clamp which eases the installation and removal of the bass drum by one person. A plate (adjustable in height) has been added to the main stomach plate and is used for holding the bass drum.

Technical data & characteristics

The harness can be set up to suit your own body shape using different settings:

  • Adjustment of  height & depth of the support plates
  • Adjustment of the straps vertically & laterally
  • Folding straps equipped with quick release clamps
  • Adjustment in height for the bass plate

    PhysioDrum bass carrier

    S : < 1,65m M/L:  between 1,65m & 1,90m XL: > 1,90m or big frame

    Weight :
    2,6 Kg (size M/L)

    Materials :
    aluminium, vario polymer, plastazote foam 3,3kg/m3

    Technical datasheet:

    Bass harness PhysioDrum

    Price :
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